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Vladman.net is one of the best sites that teaches people how to deal with anxiety, depression and panic. The site does not talk about cures or promises, but as a person you can find what you need and how to deal with the disease.

The ultimate goal is to educate, inform and create a space where people can participate, talk about their fears, concerns and make their questions.

Take a look, after all, we are talking about your mental health.

I'm not a doctor or do part of any entity i'm just someone who suffers from anxiety. 


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The vladman.net website is a personal project and not belong to any organization, its purpose is only for information on the topic related to anxiety, depression, panic attacks and other mental disorders.

Everything that is posted on this site has been entered on the basis of personal experiences, personal beliefs, medical opinions and a lot of research. 

This site does not replace in any way a professional medical opinion, it only serves to inform, discuss and educate about what might contribute to a better understanding of thediseases.

About the Author

Hello, my name is Rui, better known in the blogosphere for Vladman, i´m graduated in New Hardware Technology and Positive Psychology .

In 2010 i started a project to which i called vladman.net. The idea came to me after many years of looking and searching obsessively answers about generalized anxiety and panic attacks.

Only after ten years i came up with this idea of the project, before it i search in several countries the answers to my questions, i made numerous therapies, tests, made different type of medication, alternative options, i graduated in PP, spoke to dozens of experts, etc. I took all that to educate mebetter and thereby improve.



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With this project i want to share everything i have learned and gather all the information in one place in a simple, practical and uncomplicated way and  reducing the difficulty of the responses.

In the blog, (in portuguese) i write my opinions, studies, interviews, tips, testimonials and more. I hope that somehow help improve the well being of everyone who wants to read.

Despite my disease as being controlled, i still always looking for news related to the topic, as well as projects that can contribute to this project, I hope you like and if you want to contribute any idea get in contact.

If you want to know a little more about the author - click here (soon)

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Informação e ajuda à ansiedade, depressão e ataques de pânico
Information and help with anxiety, depression and panic Attacks
Información y ayuda con ataques de ansiedad, depresión y pánico
L'information et aider avec des d'anxiété, dépression et la panique

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