What is the difference between panic and anxiety?

Panic is a sudden and intense response to a normal thought or sensation. It is often accompanied with a feeling of imminent death and multiple sensations. Since anxiety is described as one or more psychological condition, prolonged thought processes for that perpetuate condition. Psychological symptoms covering anxiety, phobias and panic attacks. Example, anxiety is an "upgrade" to panic with similar but much more prolonged symptoms.

How to diagnose anxiety?

The diagnosis is usually very simple, but it must be done by a qualified professional. It is advisable to be well prepared for his first visit to do the simplest diagnosis. Take with you a list of thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing, list everything you can think of and make a note of when symptoms are worse.

Can anxiety cause depression?

Here the opinions are divided, there is no proven evidence that anxiety can develop a depression, but there are certain studies that point to an anxious patient may develop depression.

Can I get rid of anxiety? 

In a certain way, yes! Understand "rid" as how to "control". Although varies from person to person with the power and right help yes is possible, but be aware that the treatment can be long and you will have to be patient.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

CBT is a form of therapy done by psychologists to treat anxiety. It brings the "logical" and exercises to correct the reaction of unbalanced anxiety. CBT can take place over 15-25 sessions, but generally takes longer. There is evidence that CBD is effective even when intense sessions occur during a long period of time.

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Anxiety and depression are the same?

NO! With the anxiety you feel horrible, sometimes you may even feel that you are dying, but this is simply not the case. Anxiety is your body react inappropriately to thoughts or normal feelings that cause the body to trigger the "fight or flight".


Informação e ajuda à ansiedade, depressão e ataques de pânico
Information and help with anxiety, depression and panic Attacks
Información y ayuda con ataques de ansiedad, depresión y pánico
L'information et aider avec des d'anxiété, dépression et la panique

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