The term anxiety attack or panic attack are usually used to describe the same thing, but from a clinical point of view have different characteristics. Knowing what is and what is not, can help youin many situations, especially when it comes to control.


Panic attacks come out from nowhere and without notice, may occur at rest and in most cases there is not even a reason.

Most people with the panic disorder will feel this repeatedly and fell there is no possible escape.

The attacks can occur in a completely healthy person and may occur as part of another disorder, such as a phobia, depression, stress, etc.

There are various treatments and strategies available that help a person to deal with such crises.

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To leave this disease untreated isquite possibly will lead to a panic disorder and other problems. So it is important to seek help as soon as possible in order to treat and control your life again.

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Signs and symptoms of a panic attack

Crises have no specific place to happen but usually occur outside the home, at the mall, on the street, driving, etc. The signs and symptoms are abrupt and sudden are lasting 10 to 30 minutes, its peak occurs after 10 minutes, very rarely last more than an hour. The symptoms are common in all crises, which are:

Shortness of breath \ Hyperventilation
Rapid heartbeat
Chest pain
Fear to die

The panic disorder is characterized by repeated panic attacks combined with changes in behavior. Some characteristics:

Frequent experiences without being tied to a specific situation.

Worry and fear of getting another crisis.

Changes in behavior due to the attacks.

Anticipated anxiety -Instead of feeling relaxed and calm between attacks, will always be tense and fearful.

Avoidance - Getting to avoid certain environments and situations. To get to this point that fear becomes agoraphobia. 

Signs and symptoms of panic disorder


The exact causes of panic are not clear, although there is a greater tendency through family history.

There is a link between major changes made in life, like a wedding, severe stress, someone's death, the loss of a job, divorce, etc.

It can also be caused by certain medical conditions, so it's important to talk to your doctor tells you to.


Mitral valve prolapse



Use of stimulants

It is important to rule out other possibilities that may be confused by a crisis or panic disorder in order to avoid misdiagnosis.


Understand your panic

Avoid caffeine and tobacco

Learn to control your breathing

Learn relaxation techniques

To see in detail these and other tips - Click tips and manuals posted on the blog (soon)


Regarding the ideal treatment, getting a professional help can make a difference, but not only, there are certain habits that you can and must change in order to getbetter control.

There are good treatments, marked by the presence therapies, the most recommended are:

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Prolonged exposure therapy

The medication may also be useful in such cases, treatment is similar to Generalized Anxiety where the prescribed medication is typically:



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