There are currently more than fourteen mental disorders, once considered intractable, such as depression, bipolar disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder as been unveiled by science and now can be treated or considerably alleviated, the pursuit of treatment with the right tools is the priority. 

The correct diagnosis is imperative to find the best treatment, there are several surprising choices that come to us from all cultures, we do not have to hold on to what our tradition obliges. We can also join certain therapies, alternative with complementary treatment. The goal is the same, find what bring you the well-being, no matter what the treatment.

Below see the main forms of treatment, of course there are many more, with time i will entering others.


tratamentos ansiedade e depressao

Please take note, if you are looking for a treatment with a quick and lasting solution, i regret to inform but it does not exist. There are treatments that are good but require some time and patience. Whatever the preferred treatment suit best, you will have to be patience and have the willpower, unfortunately these diseases are not like a headache that you take a pill and disappears.

Believe me, be patient and you will see results.


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Informação e ajuda à ansiedade, depressão e ataques de pânico
Information and help with anxiety, depression and panic Attacks
Información y ayuda con ataques de ansiedad, depresión y pánico
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